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Do Sleep Spray Products Work?

Popular interest is increasing over products like sleep spray, and where to buy sprayable sleep in the market. It is being asked about, as it may be a better approach to purchase sprayable sleep than to take melatonin pills. InStyle compared two such products:

Instavit Sweet Dreams 

HOW IT WORKS: Roughly 30 minutes before heading to bed, spray two pumps of this berry-flavored vitamin mist into your mouth. Dr. Jatin Joshi formulated Instavit's sleep formula to have the lowest concentration of melatonin on the market, which may seem contradictory, but since the purest form of the ingredient is absorbed directly into your bloodstream via your mouth's lining, you don't need as much.

RATING: 9/10. I used the spray as directed, albeit on my couch watching The Great British Bake-Off and not in bed, and 30 minutes into the episode, I was feeling the melatonin so heavily that I wasn't able to see who won the technical challenge. I slept through the night, and didn't feel groggy in the morning. My only gripe was that I wish the bottle was slightly bigger—I killed the entire thing in about 2 weeks...

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

HOW IT WORKS: The This Works Pillow Spray is pretty straightforward—you basically apply a mist over your pillow before laying down, and let the chamomile and lavender aroma work its magic. One of my coworkers swore that it immediately put her to sleep, and when my boyfriend tried it out when on vacation with his friends, he claimed that it worked, as the brand name suggested. Though, the jetlag likely helped.

RATING: 5/10. For some reason I didn't have the same immediate effect everyone else did. The lavender scent did help take me down a level, and I'll admit, it did make me feel somewhat calmer, but it still took a little while for me to eventually fall asleep.

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