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For Lightning-Fast Speed, What You Need is Comcast Internet

By Christopher Luck

Just 10 years ago, the Internet was a novelty, a rarity and a luxury that most Americans were aware of but did not participate in. Now, 75 percent of Americans have Internet access at home, and many of them are using Comcast Internet.

With so many choices out there, how do you find what kind of Internet service is right for you? Simple: Choose the fastest, most reliable and most affordable. And that's Comcast Internet.

Until a few years ago, the standard for Internet access was dialup. Today, that method of connecting to the Internet is no longer favored, as many Internet customers have high-speed access, either cable or DSL. Nearly all businesses and offices with Internet access use broadband of some kind. And Comcast cable Internet is leading the way.

Comcast cable Internet offers broadband service that is faster than most DSL services -- about 6 Mbps ("6 Megs") of download speed -- so fast you'll barely notice anything is happening. (Most DSL s…

DSL, Cable, Satellite, Or 4G - Comparison For Broadband Internet Service and HDTV

By Brian Bradshaw

Telephone, Internet, and TV service are now routinely bundled by service providers. It is convenient to have a single supplier and one bill a month. With the availability of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), the lines between the different services have blurred further.

Broadband Internet service (High Speed) for residential or small business requirements has usually been available from two sources: DSL, a system that piggybacked on the telephone wiring from the telephone company, or Cable, a system that similarly piggybacked on the cable TV wiring. In 2008, about 25 million customers utilized cable broadband, and about 22 million customers utilized DSL. In 2001, a total of about 5 million customers used either cable broadband or DSL.

For most people the TV coaxial cable has offered better performance than DSL, but if you were highly price conscious, then the DSL cable may have been competitive. So, in a discussion of broadband choices, we should include cable and DS…

Comcast Cable Company

By Andrew Cho

Comcast was sounded in 1963 as a cable operator and today they are America's largest provider of cable and broadband services. They have a focus on broadband cable, commerce, and content. They have over 24 million cable customers, 14 million Internet customers, and 5 million voice customers. They are headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and they are traded on the Nasdaq.

They have over 100,000 employees nationwide and service customers in 39 states and the District of Columbia.

Comcast has come a long way from when they started back in 1963. With their new digital offerings, customers are able to get the best clear picture quality and sound. The advancement in technology also makes it possible for customers to enjoy television programming easier and more affordably.

Comcast's digital cable television service now comes with digital video recording technology which allows you to digitally record and store your favorite television shows and view them whenever you…

Comcast Bundles The Best Digital Technology

By Julia Hall

When you look at all of the advancements made in terms of digital technology in the past decade or so, you really get to wondering what the best way is to bring all of the benefits of those advancements into your own life. Well, with Comcast in on the scene you can look no further. That's because Comcast offers complete home connectivity solutions that include digital cable television, broadband cable high speed Internet service, and digital phone service; all of which are bundled together into an easy to use (and easy to pay for) package. That means you'll have all of the telecommunications services while only having to deal with one company and only paying one affordable bill every month.

One of the services that you'll have the option of putting on that bill is Comcast high speed Internet service. This high speed Internet service is delivered to your home on the same cable that you'll receive the digital cable TV service. With this service, your family w…